Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Freak out!

Today Luke went to the sitter (as he will continue to do a couple days during the week throughout the summer) & I got a lot accomplished. This is the first time in a long time where I have had a good chunck of a day at home by myself (with neither guy home with me! ;) It was fantastic! :)

Now, I love both of my guys, but neither one of them helps me very much with increasing my productivity level, so these summer days are a godsend in that respect!

I got the counters & table cleaned off & I got our back entry room/laundry room area tidied up (which it had been needing very badly!)

It was thrilling to walk back there into a clean area, until...

Luke & I came back home from the sitter's house...


He was mad because he "didn't get to help!"

I am truly glad that he likes to help as much as he does & most of the time I do find him to be helpful, but I was a bit surpised by this reaction to 'not getting to help' with it. (If only his father would have the same reaction ;) hehe

Anyway, he calmed down within a few minutes & then...

he saw the kitchen table!

Repeat above ;)

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