Friday, May 6, 2011


has not been high on my priority list lately. I've been reading books here & there...and I actually have several 1/2 started (that will get finished eventually), but I just can't seem to pick up a book and just read it until it is done AND do so in a reasonable timeframe.

I'm tracking my books for a future post & have somewhat been tracking my page totals, but I hesitate to list a book until it is completely finished, thus the "1/2 started" books issue.

I did actually finish reading a book today~bonus! :) It was a Nicholas Sparks book & everyone who saw me reading said the same thing, "Oh, that is a good book!" It was....not great...not fabulous...just good. That's really all I have to say about opinion is that all of his books are pretty much the same. Girl & guy meet...fall in love...crisis occurs that could devastate that of them or someone close to them dies. This book did not disappoint in that regards & stuck to this same tried & true formula. In fact, everytime I heard the statement mentioned above, I would respond with the same question/statement, "Who dies? Someone always dies & I now read them like a detective novel just trying to figure out who is going to die." Sometimes I'm too cynical for my own good I think ;)

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