Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Running? Oh where have you gone?

It's been almost a week & a half since I have run anything at all! I could give you a list of excuses, but I'm not going to do that either.

I am disappointed in myself that I have not made time for this activity & I definitely don't want to let myself fall back so far that I can't even run at all anymore, but this little "break" has been good in a one way.

I was starting to get to the "I guess I'll go out & run" point...meaning I was having to force myself to do something that I was really enjoying a lot at one point. I also know & realize that this happens with any kind of exercise & that I was in desperate need of adding some variety to my routine.

So...I've started looking for some different things to throw into the mix & as of this Friday (because my 'free' time is very limited between now & then), I'll run again! And after my slight "hiatus", I am looking forward to lacing up my running shoes & hitting the road again! :)

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