Sunday, May 8, 2011

"M" Day

Warning: If reading about children, mothers, anything related to parenting is upsetting, especially on a day like today, please do not continue. All of you still out there "waiting" please know that you are in my thoughts big time today & my hope for you is that you will have all that you are hoping for by this time next year! *HUGS*

Dear Luke,

Thank you for being my son! I love you more than you will ever know. Your entrance into my life brought an end to many years of despair. I know that you had no control over this was a bunch of us grownups making those decisions for you, but I do remember sitting in that hospital room holding you & just how much joy I felt in that moment. It was unreal! I hope that you will always know that my love for you is just as strong as the love I felt for you in those first fact, it is even stronger now.

Life will not always be easy for you & it hasn't always been easy for you even in the few short years that you have had. I want you to know that up to this point in your life & as you grow, even when others don't understand you, even when others don't understand your choices, even when others don't understand your actions, please know that your mother always will (or will at the very least being doing her very best to do so! :) You are a great kid & I just love you for being you!

I love your sweetness, I love your hugs, I love your kisses, I love your enthusiasm, I love your humor, I even love your orneriness (although, at times, it has made me crazy! :) I love you!

Thank you for giving me the gift of motherhood~it is something that I cherish EACH & EVERY day!



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kyra Willenborg said...

Anita. I just read this and thank you I needed that.