Sunday, May 22, 2011


That's all many people are talking about around here and for good reason!

The super wet spring weather has helped to bring them out in full force! Luke, my dad and several other people I know are just covered in bites from these pesky creatures. Luke also loves to swing on his swingset, but I have had to cut his time short because of these d*#% bugs. They fly up my nose, in both ears (at the same time!) & just anywhere else they please...I'm afraid of what the doc will find the next time she has to clean out my earwax...maybe they'll be fossilized! :)

Anyway, supposedly, they'll only be around for another week or two, which would be fantastic, if it happens.

But, I know what comes next...these!

At least, they'd have a harder time flying up my nose! ;)

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