Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In 3 Weeks...

School will be out for summer!!!!!
I'm not sure yet just exactly how Luke & I will spend the summer & what things we will be doing, but it's who cares! :) I'm not one for attempting to overly plan/lay things out, but I do know of a few things that I would like to do & get accomplished. We'll see what actually gets done though ;)

On a different note, we will also have just finished up our last (foster care) Saturday class at that point too. I'll be glad to have them done~that's A LOT of babysitters to have to find & you all know just how much I enjoy finding sitters ;)-5 "whole day" Saturdays (BIG THANKS going out to all of you who have helped us out thus far, who have signed on to help out in the next few weeks, or who were willing but plans/class dates changed and you couldn't! It means A LOT & I know Luke has really enjoyed hanging out with all of you too & your kiddos (oh, the stories he likes to tell~just kidding! ;)

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