Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What the Heck Happened?!

If anyone has been following along, then you know that I promised "A Post a Day in the Month of May!"

Sorry! Fate decided to intervene and...the power supply component of our computer went bad/broke down just minutes after I published the "Go to bed" post. Apparently, my computer decided it needed to rest as well ;)

So, being without a computer (& not willing to trek all the way across the yard/barnyard area to my in-laws to use their computer every.single.day~I thought it would seem silly to do that just for this purpose), I decided to write down my posts with "old fashioned" pen & paper :) I will be backdating posts & posting them here for you all to read, but it may take several days.

Therefore, I am hoping to be able to keep my original promise, but your just may be getting a whole lot of them "caught up" all at once here over the next few days!

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