Friday, June 20, 2008

They'rrrre Baaaack!!!

Every year I hope that maybe they won't come back this year, but it never fails they do & I just happened to see my first one today! Those huge, ugly, loud insects called HORSEFLIES! I hate them! They make going outside no fun with all of their whizzing & biting. I always think it sounds like a helicopter is aiming straight for my head when I hear one of them. Do we really need these monstrous bugs? What is their purpose? Now having a bit more of a Science background, I realize that everything is here for a reason & has its own purpose whether you know what it is or not, but come on now-Horseflies!? I suppose one might say that they make a tasty meal for the birds, but really I think that there are probably more than enough mosquitos buzzing around outside to keep them full. Now maybe there is some kind of purpose for their biting, but again I would have to say again (ahem) Mosquitos!!! Those nasty little "M" bugs do plenty of biting on their own without the help of their gigantic friends. Someone could also make a case for Horseflies helping to rid the world of decaying animals & plants (I'm assuming they do this too), but I'm sure that their lovely friends the Houseflies can handle it. The houseflies are just as annoying and can pretty well handle doing all of those wonderful tasks stated above too. So really, Why do we need a BIGGER, NOISIER version of the same thing? (If you need me, I'll be the one running and ducking for cover the rest of the summer!) :)

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