Monday, June 30, 2008

Who would have thought?

Just a few days ago, I wrote this & wouldn't you know it-Luke decided to start moving yesterday. (Hooray!) Now don't get me wrong-it is definitely not crawling yet, but at least it is the most progress I've seen in that department over the last few months. It has only occurred when he is in a sitting position-he reaches for the toy that is just out of reach, when he can't reach it he uses all of his might to reach a little further-lifting his butt off the ground & SCOOTS forward. In fact, he scooted all the way across the living room floor at his grandparents' house (Scott's mom & dad's) yesterday afternoon. It was a wonderful sight to see. There was even mention (by one of my SILs who witnessed this great feat with me that I should title a new blog "Living with a Conartist II"-I might be able to use that down the road!) Now, of course, I knew that everyone would be happy to hear about this little "big" step, but what gets me is the thing that finally motivated the child to get moving. It is something that he has always liked & been fascinated by when playing with it-not enough to move for it though mind you, but for some reason it turned out to be the magic ingredient yesterday. Don't get me wrong-we have been trying to entice this child to move with many different things...balls, cubes with toys inside, musical/lights toys, etc., but whenever they got too far away he would just quit & look at us like "Whatever, I'll just lay here until you either sit me up or bring me something new." So when this toy got away from him yesterday, well, I just figured it would be more of the same, but NO-he actually went after it!

What's that?...

Oh, did I not mention what this magical toy was. Are you ready to be amazed? It's.....

Accordion Blocks!

That's right-those wonderful toys from my childhood, given away in McDonald's Happy Meals!

Who would have thought that a 15-20 year old toy would do the trick?!

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