Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Happy" Mother's Day

I say "happy" because I have kind of a love/hate reaction to this holiday.

The hates...

*After suffering through four Mother's Days with infertility, it is one of those "special" days that is never very far from my mind in regards to how awful it felt inside to watch friends & family members celebrate being moms & celebrating their children (even though I was happy for them) when it was something I so desperately wanted, but couldn't seem to have. I also know that even though I now have those things-there are still others out there who don't & will be feeling these same things too today.

*Inevitably, when people talk about Mother's Day, it all comes back to how much mothers do for their children & the pain they go through for them, especially labor & delivery...hmmm...never did that-does this make me less of a mother?

*It is also a day where I am reminded of the fact that I would not be a mother without the exsistence of another mother who made a choice to let us raise her son so that he could be raised in a healthier, more stable, & loving family environment than she could have provided at the time. So if feels a little off to soak in all of the "Happy Mother's Days" thrown my way & not at least be able to also acknowledge the fact that my role came into being because of another mother's sacrifice.

The loves...

*Luke & of course, the fact that because of him & another mother's decision, I AM now a mother who is able to love this child just as much as I always knew was possible.

*I feel blessed knowing that if all goes as planned, I may possibly have the chance very soon to be a mother again to another little one!

*Being able to still pour some love on my nieces & nephew in the "aunt" role that was (& still is) soooo important to me during the hard times of IF.

*Getting to share time with our mothers & my grandma to thank them for all of the things they have done for us through the years (& not just laber/delivery :) & to thank them for always sticking by us even at times when we may have made it tough on them!

So to all of you mothers, birthmothers, mothers awaiting the arrival of a little one soon, women hoping/waiting to have a chance at motherhood someday &/or women who have a child in their life who means the world to them whether they're related or not~know that you are not forgotten here in the Faith, Hope & Poop household today & in my book we're all mothers in one way or another! Happy Mother's Day!

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Jamie said...

Pregnancy, labor, and delivery are only milliseconds in the lifetime of a child.

What makes a good mother has nothing to do with pushing a child out of your uterus. It has everything to do with love and I feel confident that Luke (and his future sibling!) have an amazing Mommy who loves them more than anything.