Sunday, May 3, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Ummm...absolutely nowhere!

Did I intend to leave you, my dear readers, high & dry?

Ummm...absolutely not!

So, what happened?

Honestly, I'm not really sure, but over a whole week has gone by & there has been nothing reported here at Faith, Hope & Poop? by me your ungracious hostess & for that I offer my sincere apologies.

For your reading pleasure-a quick recap of the major highlights of the past week.

*On Thursday, the students were fairly wound up all day long for seemingly no apparent reason. Those of us who were working with them contemplated the usual theories-full moon, weather changing, etc-when all of a sudden it hit me! It was "May Eve" meaning the next day was May 1st & the most exciting thing about May around school is the fact that school will be out soon!

*I had a job interview for a teaching position. I felt really good after my interview-that I had done my best & didn't really have any questions that I was second guessing myself about-& a few days later found out that I did not get the 2nd interview I was hoping for :(
However, I can tell that I have become much more confident in my teaching abilities & interviewing skills than I was a couple of years ago or even last year at this same time so I am hoping that one of these days I will no longer be just an "excellent candidate" who does a great interview but the "best" person for the job!

*Rain, Rain & more Rain! It has definitely not made for a motivating week!

*I finally finished the Harry Potter series! I have to admit I finally really got sucked in around Book #5 & it's been hard to put them down ever since. I have been borrowing them from my sister, Beth, & had just finished #6 about a week & a half ago. The prospect of waiting a couple of weeks to get #7 until I saw her again seemed almost unbearable so I checked it out of the school library! Lucky for me I am now finished with it because it needs to be back by Wednesday & maybe I can finally get around to writing some more posts! :)

I could go on & on, but these are probably the majorest (i like inventing words like this one :) events of the week & here's to better content as the week unfolds!

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