Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Words That Can Make Anything Funny...

I was "subbing" for a class today while some of my coworkers were testing a few of the students' end of the year reading skills. The class was watching a movie & kept telling me that a really funny/their favorite part was coming. When it finally arrived, the whole class burst out laughing because of ONE word...


This got me to thinking about other words that elementary (mostly k-2) kids will always laugh at if it appears in a movie/cartoon or book. Here are just a few of the "best" ones.

#1 of course is the one I have already mentioned
#2 "butt" which can also be a 'bad' word or a 'shocker' if you ask them to use "but" in their writing :)
#3 any word that either sounds similar to or could be used as a "bad" word (ex: stupid, dumb, idiot, etc)

Are you sensing a bit of a theme? Anything that sounds like something that they think they shouldn't/aren't allowed to say, is absolutely hilarious when they hear it in an "okay" setting? They must think that they are getting away with something...hmmm...they just might be :)

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