Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Have a Confession to Make...

I am in love with another man!!!

Does my husband know about this love affair?

Yes & he has actually been quite supportive in regards to my feelings about this man in the past.

Everytime my eyes glaze over & I drift into "gaga land", Scott just averts his eyes & shakes his head.

This man is humble, plain ole nice & has the smoothest voice I know-no wonder I love him :)

Who is this man?


Did anyone see the concert on TV last night? It was just a little slice of heaven in my book-listening to all of the fantastic songs, catching glimpses of George, hearing everyone's stories, catching glimpses of George, etc. It was fantastic & my husband was so supportive-he sat through the whole thing with me (my drool & all ;)

Of course, the love fest had to come to an end at some point & all though I couldn't be there in person-I know that George was probably thinking of me when he sang this song
Don't ya think? :)

Thanks George! (& Scott) ;)


In Due Time said...

LOL My mom was talking about GS the other night. She said she wanted me to get her tickets next time he comes near. lol

Your secret is safe with me! lol

Lora said...

OMG! We happened across the special the other night and I was going to call you, but figured you were already glued to your tv!