Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Upcoming Attractions

I love blogging, but sometimes I feel like I am just caught in a rut when it comes to new ideas to write about or that I am constantly writing about the same topic for a whole bunch of posts in a row. So I have been thinking about this for awhile now & have decided to come up with some "theme days" here at Faith, Hope & Poop. I always loved these kind of days when I was in school & still do when the students have them at school nowadays. This does not mean that I won't get off track sometimes or that I may just choose to write about something else or in addition to it that particular day, but I think this will be a good way to change things up from day to day & hopefully get some "new" stuff mixed in too.
Of course, there will still be plenty of stories about "my guys" too-you need not feel like you will be missing out on anything interesting that goes on with the husband & my little busybody, Luke, because without them the Faith, Hope & Poop household would definitely not be nearly as interesting! :)

Here are some of the ideas that are floating around in my brain right now:

*"Light Up My Life" Sundays will be returning! I still have lots of very special people whom I haven't gotten to yet. Somewhere, somehow I got off track with it-we'll blame it on a month full of busy Sundays.
*"Running Record" Thursdays-I will keep you updated on the latest books I have been reading because I have read many more since I last wrote about it & can't wait to share about them, but I don't want it to be the world's longest blog post to catch you up!
*"Finally Friday!"-This will most likely be either a fun song or just something that I find humorous-so watch out, you never know what I might find to be amusing ;)
*"Wordless Wednesday" will continue when/if I have a photo that I just have to share-sometimes I think our photos just aren't that interesting to anyone but ourselves. So, unless I wanted to show you more of the same each week, which I don't. I am not going to do that just because maybe I'm supposed to show a photo that day.
*"Tuesday's Soapbox"-I am a person who analyzes everything & my brain has a very hard time stopping. I am also a person who likes to share her opinions with anyone who will listen, much to my husband's chagrin (because he gets to do much of the listening most of the time!) ;) Not sure why I am such an analyzer, but I am & I do also try to use it to analyze my own choices/beliefs/behaviors as well so I guess it is put to some good use too :)
*"Kitchen Cleaning" Saturdays-I admit that I am not much of a cook. What I mean by that is that I don't like cooking.
Can I cook? Yes
Can I cook well? Yes
I just don't like to do it!
Baking-now that is a totally different thing. I love it, but it isn't always so good for my waistline :)
I also know that I have tons of recipes/recipe books taking up residence in my cabinet because they sound so delicious & I will make them "someday".
Well, "someday" has arrived! My plan is to pick a 'new' recipe to try every so often & let you know what I think of it. If it is good, it will make it into the recipe box & if it is not so good or too time consuming/too much work, it will make it into the trash can & OUT of my cabinet!

These are some of the ideas that I have for right now, again, they are always subject to change at my whim or life in general because I can guarantee that if I have something just super-duper to write about that day, the "theme" of the day will probably fall by the wayside. Hopefully, though, I can finally say "blogger block be gone!" & always have somewhere to start from if I'm stuck!

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I thought of another one --- 'Time Warp' Tuesday's