Saturday, May 23, 2009

Maybe he thinks he is a...


The evidence:

*Every morning the first thing Luke does is run to the French doors, look at the cats' food pan & yell "Kitties, Kitties!" He then proceeds to go get a cup of cat food so that he can feed the kitties (with a little bit of help from us).

*While getting the food for the kitties, if he happens to get a couple of pieces of cat food for a snack for himself too-all the better :)

*We were all walking around the store last night, Luke was in his shopping cart & out of nowhere-he began to "meow" as loud as he could & yell "Kittycat" for all to hear.

*Playing in & with the cat food is one of his most favorite things to do-the evidence is spread all over my floor, in our shoes & anywhere else he can manage to dump out a full cup of the stuff.

*He has a new found interest in scratching people-does he think his fingers are claws??? :)

Hmmm...I will continue to investigate this phenomenon for awhile & hopefully it will pass quickly (especially the scratching/cat food throwing part!)


Beautiful Mess said...

LOL, that's TOO funny! My little guy went through something where we had to call him Thomas. He told EVERY one that was his name.

WiseGuy said...

LOLOL....that is so funny!

Maybe all he needs now is his whiskers!


theworms said...

That is so cute and funny.


myaruminations said...

That's so cute. LOL.