Monday, August 18, 2008

Away too Long

I've been away from here for too long! I've missed writing, but alas I do have my reasons (none of them are too spectacular.)
First of all, I have had a touch of the "blogger's block" over the past week of so. I just wasn't really too inspired by anything, thus, nothing to write. Not that I didn't try to come up with something-it all just felt too forced & uninteresting to me (so I wasn't going to make you all suffer for it. :)
Second of all, the universe was conspiring against me! I actually tried to start a post on Saturday, but then the computer popped up with some kind of weird message. I had to call in the "expert" (Scott) to check it out, which led to him spending hours upon the computer. (Don't worry-the computer was fine-he just figured out that there were things he wanted to do on the computer & therefore-it was late before I could get back on it (sorry I wasn't going to stay up late typing-I have been suffering from sleep deprivation from staying up too late all week watching many of the athletic events).
Finally, it helped to make for a nice little post telling you all about why I couldn't post in the first place! ;)
Don't worry-I'll try to do better this week so that you don't have to suffer through anymore posts like this one! :)

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