Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday's Ten: Favorite Games

I'm always up for a game be it cards or a board game, so here are some of my favorites.

1. Pinochle (look out for marathon sessions of this card game when celebrating holidays with my mom's sisters & my cousins!
2. Euchre (makes for some fun card parties over those long winter months)
3. Sequence (great combo of strategy & cards!)
4. Cranium (I always like games that combine "smarts" with silliness)
5. Trivial Pursuit (this has been one of my faves ever since I guessed "Toilet Paper" as an answer to a question in college & it was RIGHT!) :)
6. Phase 10 (I LOVE this game & it's 2-3 hour rollar coaster sessions-if you play it how the directions say to!)
7. Uno Attack (gotta love a game with a machine that might spit cards out at you)
8. Up & Down the River (kind of a long card game, but my Grandma & Grandpa taught it to me so it's always been special to me)
9. Bullsh*t (I haven't played this in years, but I always loved trying to pull one over on somebody in this card game)
10. Mad Gab (It's kind of fun listening to people talk like they're drunk & then trying to figure out what they're saying to you)

Feel free to list any games you like that I don't have on my list. I always like checking them out-they can make great gift ideas! :)

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