Saturday, August 9, 2008

One Baby Demolition Crew

To: Luke, Demolition Baby
Task: Destroy anything that looks nice, neat & organized!
From: Luke, Demoliton Baby
Task Completed! Stacking rings-unstacked (check); Books in basket-thrown out of basket (check); toys neatly arranged-knocked 'em down (check); magazines in basket-attempted to fling from basket, but intercepted by lady who calls herself "Mom"(will keep trying); DVD's & videos on shelves-pulled off onto floor (check); magnetic toys on fridge-strewn across floor, heard tall person step on one & say "Ouch!" (check); & finally, plant in corner-attempting to pull all of the leaves off-mildly successful, however, the subjects are becoming smarter & now have it barricaded (will find another way somehow!)
Hoping to have better luck in future as I continue to perfect this whole crawling/walking thing.


Jill E G said...

I just caught up on the last couple of posts I've missed since we've been in the hospital.

Very entertaining. Keep up the good work.

Good job Luke!

pjseiler said...

Love this! Such funny stuff. And this post would make PERFECT journaling for a scrapbok page. :) You have such a great witty sense of humor...makes your writing very fun to read.

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