Monday, August 11, 2008

If You Want to Go to School...

When: This past Saturday night
Who: Me & my nephew, Wyatt
What: A conversation

Wyatt: Hey Nea! (that's how he says my name-cute, I know!)
Me: What Wyatt?
Wyatt: Hey Nea (yes, he's a little redundant at times, but give him a break-he's only 3) Do you want to go to school, Nea?
Me: Yes, Wyatt!
Wyatt: Maybe when you & Scott get bigger, you can go to school, & then you can get fruity snacks!
Me: Oh Wow! Really!
Wyatt: Yeah Nea!
Me: Am I big enough yet?
Wyatt: Oh no, Nea! You have to get much bigger to go to school. [Oh Lord-I hope not, but I am glad to hear that he thinks I'm not 'big' yet! All 6 foot of me!] :)

(At this point Wyatt ran off to play & then I called his named & wiggled my finger for him to come back.)

Me: Hey Wyatt! Guess what?
Wyatt: What, Nea?
Me: I'm actually going to go to school on Monday! Do you believe that?
Wyatt: (laughing) Oooh Nea, you're silly-you're not big enough to go to school yet!

So, needless, to say, he didn't buy it, but I did indeed start work at school today (big enough, or not) & I didn't get any fruity snacks either! Maybe I should look into going to his school...

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pjseiler said...

Hilarious! Typical Wyatt, for sure. You have so many 'identities' - Nea, Nena just being a few. :)

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