Monday, August 4, 2008

He's a big boy now!

Luke has finally pulled up all by himself! Some of you might be thinking-well isn't the child almost 1-& you would be correct, but Luke has had a few motor delays in recent months, so this is a BIG deal at our house. Now he has been able to pull up with our fingers for quite some time & we have tried not to intentionally help him with our fingers, but how do you know for sure that you are not helping "just a little bit". We don't really have any lower lying furniture that he can practice with (safely) regularly either, so our hands have had to step into that role. On Friday, I was lying on the floor doing my Pilates video & when I flipped over to my side to do the leg lifts-I heard Luke scooting across the floor towards me. I didn't think too much of it, since that is what he normally does so that he can play with my ponytail, but all of a sudden I felt his two little hands on my hip & with some effort (& me lying very still)-Luke pulled himself into standing. Needless to say, I was very excited for him (& a little upset at the fact that my hips are just the right height for this) :) Then on Saturday, while I was putting away laundry-Luke did it again, but this time he was in a bit more difficult position. I had about 4 baskets of laundry to put away so I put him on our bed with 3 of the (now empty) laundry baskets stacked together in front of him, while I emptied the last basket. I hadn't really thought about him pulling up with them, but all of a sudden there he was standing (this time with NO help from any body parts!) I, of course, was happy about this feat again & found it fairly impressive because of the "wobbliness" of the mattress combined with the wobbling of the laundry baskets while he was pulling up. So now that the "big" guy has figured out what he can do, there is no stopping him. He constantly wants to be pulling up & trying to walk. Unfortunately, he is trying to get just a little too ahead of himself because apparently he thinks that pulling up means that you also don't really need to hold on to anything either to start walking or you only really need to use 1-2 fingers, which really freaks out Mommy (since she understands something that he doesn't-you've got to have some balance first!)

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pjseiler said...

Yay Luke! Way to go!!!!

Aunt Jenny