Thursday, August 21, 2008

I just can't fight those frizzies anymore!

I have been blessed with hair that will curl beautifully on it's own (when it's long enough) &/or easily when using a curling iron. It can hold it's curl all day long without missing a beat if I ask it to, but when it comes to straightening it-now that's a whole other ordeal! I love wearing my hair straight, but it used to be such a hassle to get it looking okay. Oh yes, the hair would straighten, but then of course I was left with walking around looking like I was wearing a bush on my head because of all the frizziness. This would inevitably lead to me pulling it back into a ponytail or disguising it is some other fashion. Until the past year or so, I can easily say that "my hair was not my friend!" Then came the discovery of affordable 'curling hair gel' that actually kept my hair from frizzing when I would let it air dry/be curly. This helped alot & made for easy hair days, but it still did not solve the problem of straightening my hair. I can thank my sister for turning me on to a thing called 'hair wax'. I LOVE it! (Disclaimer: I always tell my friends that I am like a middle school kid when it comes to doing my hair. Why? Because for some reason there are alot of these products that I have never heard of or have never really learned how to use so when I do figure them out-I get very excited now at age 27! My mom never really had to use any & doesn't wear makeup so I missed out on learning these things from her & when I did 'experiment' with hair products on my own-somehow I just never got the hang of them until now!) :) I have also recently finally gotten to a hair length that I find managable to work with & really like (except it does need to be longer if I ever want to go back to wearing it naturally curly all of the time). It is just the perfect length to straighten quickly (with my hair wax & flat iron for that nice "smooth" look) & not feel like I am spending alot of time messing with it. That is until today! I have been straightening my hair faithfully each morning since school started back up (during the summer time-I could really care less if I mess with my hair much) & it has been going well, but then this morning I got up & looked out the window. RAIN!!! I didn't even try to put up a fight! I just scrunched in the faithful curling gel & headed out the door. I wasn't going to waste my time & effort just to walk outside & watch my hair slowly explode into a massive ball of frizz!

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