Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh the Places You Could Go

Short & Sweet today! Since I like to make lists, I thought I'd make one about 10 places I'd like to see at some point in my lifetime. Feel free to add your own suggestions.

1. Niagra Falls-I've heard it's beautiful, plus I could travel abroad-all the way to Canada! :)
2. Germany-Many of my ancestors came from this country back in the 1800's & I've always thought it would be neat to go back to the land of my roots.
3. Italy (more specifically, Rome)-What can I say-I love their food! Also, being aCatholic, Rome has always appealed to me as well-so I guess you could say I'd like to get back to the land of my religious roots (are you sensing a theme here!) :)
4. U.S. Virgin Islands-those of you who know me in real life may remember that Scott & I went here on our honeymoon & I'd love to get back here at least one more time-they are just so beautiful!
5. Grand Canyon-not as excited about this one, but I'm sure that I will see it at some point because Scott always talks about going there & how amazing it was.
6. Hawaii-it sounds so fascinating with it's tropical places, volcanoes, & beaches.
7. Australia-I remember when the Olympics were there a few years ago-it seemed like such a pretty place & I'd never pass up the chance to see a kangaroo! :)
8. Great Wall of China-again, another Scott idea that I can say I wasn't too thrilled about, but after helping 3rd graders learn about it last year-it does sound intriguing
9. California-never been & it's a LOOONG way from Illinois, but it looks like fun & a place where you can experience a lot of different types of settings (coastal, mountains, etc.) without traveling too far.
10. Disney World-again, never been, but I would always beg my mom & dad to go, however, I think my mom had been once or twice already & wasn't too thrilled about going back so this one is definitely a childhood "dream" never fulfilled :)

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CindyPTN said...

Your list is wonderful. I too want to return to Rome. Haven't been to California either. One of these days.

I tried emailing you and since I don't see a response, I'm guessing that my email is going to your junk file. You can send your address via my contact form or email at c.a.posey (at) hotmail (dot) com. So sorry for the crazy shifting of addresses. Your prize is waiting though, so fear not. You will get it!

Cindy from Go Workout Mom