Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash it begins

Lent is upon us once again here in the Faith, Hope & Poop household. I can honestly say that it is not one of favorite times of the church year. It is also always tied in with the month of March, which is definitely not one of my favorite months-warm enough to make you think spring, yet still damp/rainy/cold, most years it is the longest month in the school year too (I know, I know, poor teachers-no days off in March-it's rough! :)

Each year I must decide what I am going to give up/do extra for the duration of the season & this year I have decided it will be soda. I have done chocolate the last 4-5 years, which has been tough, but it does seem to get a bit easier with each passing year so I figured that I had better change it up this year. I have noticed an increase in my soda intake over the last couple of months so now would be a great time to try to nip this habit in the bud!

I am also going to attempt to make this Lent a "progressive" Lent where I give up/do extra an additional thing each week. Of course, I am hoping that my 'suffering' will bring me closer to Jesus, but also that it will help me to continue to build a healthier lifestyle & soul. [Check back next week for my next 'sacrifice' & (hopefully) a Wordless Wednesday post.]

So, farewell soda pop...let's hope this goodbye will be for longer than just the next several weeks! :)


caitsmom said...

Good luck on the soda thing, it's so hard when ya love it so much!!!


Seriously? - Erin said...

ICLW. Good luck with your sacrifice. In the past I have done soda, sweets, tv, etc.

All the best!

Indigo said...

This year I gave up ice cream, but about the soda, I gave that up for good about 16 years ago. It's doable.

Happy ICLW!