Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Space

Anytime I head out to the store, I am always on the lookout for "my space".

Over the last couple of years, I have found that my perfect parking space may be much different from other peoples' idea of the perfect space. My perfect space is not the closest space I can find to the entrance so I do not drive around the parking lot for hours waiting for someone to leave in order to be closer to the door. In fact, I can usually find my space within seconds of entering the parking lot. Why? Because my perfect space is the one closest to any cart corral I can find, most perfect is being right beside the cart corral.

Yes indeed, I will & do park "miles" away from the entrance if I spot an open space next to a cart corral. I have even been know to pass up those "choice" parking spots if I can have a space within a space or two of the corral even if it is farther down the parking lot! I decided awhile back that it is just too much of a pain to only have to walk a few feet outside of the store to unload my groceries into my car & then have to push my cart miles away to put it in the cart corral (because I am NOT one of those people who leaves it running free in the lot so that it can ram into someone else's car) before I could leave the parking lot. Adding Luke into the mix, made this even more difficult...do I buckle him in the car & leave him there while I put the cart away, do I take him with me & then carry him back, what if the weather is bad...

So, I decided that I would rather walk miles at the beginning & no longer care how far away I may have to park as long as I can be next to one of those lovely cart corrals! What's "your space" like?

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