Friday, February 6, 2009

No TV for YOU!

Watching TV in our house is just not possible while Luke is awake. Why?...

Is he too loud that we can't hear it? Occasionally, but not usually...
Are his toys too noisy? Sometimes, but no that's still not it...
Is he just sooo cute that we can't take our eyes off of him? Well, of course, but not the reason for not being able to watch TV

The real answer is that he won't let the TV be left on long enough for anyone to watch it.
We use the remote to turn it on to watch the news...he beelines it for the button on the TV & turns it off.
We wait for him to get distracted & leave the room...he hears it immediately & heads back into the living room immediately to turn it off.
We just use the remote to turn it back on right away...he turns it off again right away over & over again.
We try to continue this little game one too many times so we can catch the news in 2 second increments...he just holds his hand over the button (which means he is inadvertently covering up the little spot that receives the signal from the remote too!)

Alas, maybe we should just move the TV down to the basement like we have talked about in the past. Then we wouldn't have to worry about this issue & the mess of scattered DVD's & VHS tapes because, although, he may not enjoy the TV so much, he does enjoy all of the accessories that come along with it! :)

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Kocher Family said...

Saw you in church saturday night. Your little one is adorable (from across the church). My Kyle, was BAD. I don't always enjoy church as I should.