Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Think, therefore...

I should have been a Philosopher!

Scott & really any one of my closest friends can tell you that I think about everything all of the time. Honestly, I think about stuff WAY too much.

When something is going on in my life, I think about it, I analyze it, then I proceed to discuss it & overanalyze it & not just with one person, but with lots of people. I also like to hear many different people's opinions on the same topic. As I like to say, I just like to get ALL sides of the story before I make my decisions.

It doesn't really matter to me if I agree or disagree with you. I just want to know what you think & why you think it, occasionally, it may lead me to change my opinion, but not usually. Does it make me a more well rounded person & more able empathize with other people? Yes, I believe so. But does it wear out those around me? Again, yes, I believe it does sometimes.

I am also sure that this is most definitely the root of my great fondness for the blogging world-where else can you find so many varying opinions on so many different topics. It has also made for a great release for a small chunk of my "thinking" too. (Much to the relief of my dear husband's & closest friends ears! :)

Do I look for me to change my ways anytime soon? Probably not, actually, I don't really ever remember a time where I wasn't like this. Growing up & still now, there are some who would label me as "quiet". Those closest to me would probably disagree with this statement, but around people I don't know that well-it is true.

And one thing that is almost always certain whether you know me well or not...

You can probably bet that at any given time-I am thinking about something "important" to me & am just waiting for someone to "discuss" it with :)


littleangelkisses said...

The reason I like blogging is similar to yours. I like to learn about different points of view.


Michelle said...

OMG you sound EXACTLY like me! I am always analyzing and over analyzing and thinking and over thinking! And I talk to anyone and everyone that wants to listen because I like to hear other view points.

Lora said...

I think you probably really thought about this post before you typed it! It's nice that we have a "thinker" in our little group.