Sunday, February 1, 2009

"You Light Up My Life" Sunday 2/1/09

This person is a loving husband to his wife.
This person is the only person I know that refers to his grandchildren as "little warts" or "wartheads" :)
This person has taught his eldest son really well, the wonderful art of telling a loooong story!
He has a very handy knack for being able to fix things.
This person can make a very good pie!
He has also made me an apple crisp for each of my last 2 birthdays with my age spelled out in cinnamon~yummy!
I appreciate the fact that he would do anything for his children & their wives & children.
Holiday dinners wouldn't be the same if he didn't get grumpy while cooking/helping out ;)
He is a wonderful father & grandfather.
When it comes to fishing in the summer or snowman building in the winter, you can bet that he'll be there to help out with the fun! :)

So here's to my father-in-law, Carl~I love ya!

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