Thursday, May 22, 2008

Are you sleepy, yet?

Sometimes it feels like my whole day revolves around when Luke sleeps (oh yeah, wait, it does!) Now I know this is not a new revelation, since he is approaching 9 months old, and it has progressed so much from the time when he was eating every 2 hours (whoever said formula babies go longer between feedings forgot to tell my son!) & we would only get an hour of sleep in between if we were lucky. Compared to those days-sleeping 11-12 hours at night & taking a couple of scheduled (sort of) naps during the day- is FABULOUS, but I still find myself sometimes looking at him and wondering Is he tired yet? Should I put him down for a nap? How long has it been-only 1/2 an hour-probably not ready for another one quite yet? :) I love playing with Luke, but I have to admit that I do love the ME time I get once he has gone down for a nap. I'm sure here in a few months when he is running around going nonstop, I'll wish I had studied hypnosis so that with a click of my fingers I can have some instant ME time. (You're getting sleepy, very sleepy...)

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