Friday, May 2, 2008

Calm Before the Storm

We've been having some stormy weather today, but right now it is calm. It got me to thinking about Luke and how we're probably in the "calm before the storm" phase. At this time in his life, he is really a pretty "easy" baby (& I realize that the sheer act of even putting this in print has the power to completely change that, but I'm going to risk it!) What I mean by that is he isn't really too motivated to move yet, we've sort of established a routine with eating/napping, he's content most of the time to sit & play with or without attention (depending on the day/his mood), & we're just so gosh darn happy all of the time (unless of course we've been put down for a nap then of course we have to let Mom & Dad know about it for at least 15-20 minutes or if we're ready to eat & we think that Mom &/or Dad is going to keep and enjoy that bottle for themselves!) It is such a precious time in his life and believe me-I'm savoring it! I am still anxious for him to reach each new milestone, but I fully understand what that means-the chaos will begin-he'll be on the move & there will be no stopping him or looking back! For now though I'm just going to sit back with my feet up, relax & enjoy my sedentary child for just a little while longer! It almost sounds like a vacation at the beach, doesn't it!!! :)

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