Sunday, May 11, 2008

Uses for Drool!

Like many other "new" moms before me, I have learned that a teething baby can suffer from an assortment of ailments-diaper rash, fevers, etc.-but of course the best one has to be all of the DROOL & lots of it! I got to thinking about it and it seems like such a waste to just keep wiping it up with a rag all of the time so I've come up with a list of ideas to make drool more useful! Enjoy!

Top 5 Uses for Drool!
1. Wood polisher-nothing shines up my wood floors better than wiping up drops of drool.
2. Presoaking laundry-you don't need to use as much water, since clothes are already soaked with drool (good for the environment too!)
3. Carpet Cleaner-just add a little soap to that drool saturated spot and you're carpets will look as good as new!
4. Instant bathtime!-take a dry washcloth & shampoo to baby and start wiping him down.
5. Watering houseplants-just hold baby over the potted plant and while the baby is distracted by it let the drool fall onto the plant (caution-don't let baby get close enough to eat plants-some are poisonous!)
All joking aside, it's a good thing God made babies so cute & loveable-it definitely makes it so much easier to ignore the fact that you're main job all day is to keep not only their faces dry, but their butts as well!
Happy Mother's Day!!! :)

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