Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm Walking On Sunshine!!!

Do you remember that exhilirating feeling you had when you knew the end was near? Well that is what I am suffering from right at the moment-no I'm not dying-I'm referring to the end of another school year!!! I love working in the education field-obvious reasons-love learning/teaching, the little darlings, school related activities, but I think one of the main things is that I'm addicted to the thrill of starting anew each fall and then seeing all of the progress students have made in the spring. It's a great thing to be witness to all of that personal growth, but it is also quite mind draining and that is why it is always so exciting as summer creeps closer. (not to mention that the kids really think that they don't need to be there or work very hard after Easter! Thank God it was so early this year!!! {insert your own sarcastic voice please}) :)
I also love (most) of the things that come out of their little mouths-they're just so honest! Last year, I had a kindergartner tell me "you're high", of course, I said "What?" (she was referring to my height-I might start using that phrase more regularly!) I had a first grader this year tell me "you look like a cupcake!" (she was referring to my outfit) and I had several different students (Kindergarten-2nd graders) tell me one day this year "Wow! You're beautiful!" on the day I decided to wear my contacts instead of glasses & a skirt (I didn't realize that I must look pretty dopey the other 179 days of the school year!) How can you not love all of that, especially when they constantly remind you that they love you too and that you're the "best"! (Of course if you want to believe that they save that one just for you then you need to remember to turn a deaf ear to all of the other "I love you's" & "you're the best's" they pass out to everyone else! Ahhh summer, welcome back at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon-I've missed you friend!

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