Friday, May 30, 2008

Ten Favorite Things

I read a blog recently where the author encouraged people to make a list of ten of their favorite things. I'm feeling inspired so here it goes:

1. Luke & Scott' laughs: I know, I know, technically that's two, but I just can't help and laugh when I hear either one of these two laugh. Luke's laugh is just too cute & Scott's, well, his can get a little carried away sometimes! :)
2. Milk Chocolate: I LOVE it! It's just so creamy and yummy-so much better than the dark chocolate.
3. Walking: Taking a nice walk on a sunny day pushing my stroller-there aren't many things better than that.
4. Apple Pie: Ever since I was a young girl (3-4), this has been one of my favorite treats, especially with a nice crumb topping! Mmmm...
5. Any Richard Paul Evans book: I heart his writing. It's pretty sentimental and always leaves me with a good feeling-must be why I own most of them! :)
6. Naps: I don't get them very often, but they're fantastic when I do!
7. Scrapbooking: Another thing that I have not done for awhile, but I hope to get back into it this summer-lots of pics, so little time!
8. Cheesy sitcoms & "Friends": (Again 2 things-I know) I grew up watching these on Nick-at-Night all of the time and as for "Friends" I can't help, but laugh whenever I get the chance to watch an episode.
9. Working with children: Sometimes it can be very frustrating, but always very rewarding!!!
10. My house: "There's no place like home." I couldn't have said it better myself!

Hope you have enjoyed my favorite things & Happy 9 month birthday Luke!!!

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