Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head...

What a rainy day! (& me having forgot my umbrella) :( Let me tell you-there is nothing like a day where you know that as soon as you step outside, you will be soaked within seconds! Of course, the day started out like most others-look outside (oh it rained overnight-that's nice), casually watch the weather while eating breakfast/playing with Luke (obviously paying close attention to the forecast for the day), listen/nod in agreement with the husband as he says he will be working late tonight because of the rain so maybe he can do yardwork tomorrow (using my best listening skills as always) , drop Luke off at the babysitter and go to work (noting to myself that everything always looks greener after a good rain) , get to work and debate (for 2 seconds) about taking in my umbrella and then decide not to based on all of my observations that morning and the fact that it always stops raining by the time I have to go to my car! So obviously I was surprised by the fact that it rained today and not just rained, but that the water was basically dumped from the sky. As the torrents of rain fell during the day, I felt secure in the fact that it could not possibly rain that hard for that long-boy was I wrong. It just kept coming & coming (& me with no umbrella!) Now you're probably catching on to how this story goes...the end of the school day came and of course the rain had not let up (if only I had paid closer attention to the weatherman) & of course where is my parking spot-as far away as it can possibly be & of course I selected the proper footwear (knowing that it would be raining) leather sandals. It's a fabulous feeling to be running to the end of a parking lot (that doesn't drain so well-i.e. lots of puddles) in leather sandals without an umbrella! At least I did learn that my clothes are very absorbent just in case I'm ever in a situation where that might be handy! I did still have to pick up Luke, but he had a jacket so he didn't get very wet at all. I did have my umbrella by that point, but didn't even bother because I knew that my back was going to be soaked anyway due to the fact that I'm not really sure how you can hold an umbrella and get a child into a carseat at the same time (I see a lot of money in my future if I can come up with that invention!) I plan on enjoying the rest of my evening (in dry clothes) listening to the rain & paying closer attention to the weatherman tomorrow!

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