Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm Living with a Con Artist!

Yep, that's right-my son is officially a con artist! His sweet little smile is all just a charade to make me think he is helpless. We've been under the impression all of these months that he could not hold his bottle (oh yes, he used to try to hold it back when he was 4 months old, but he just never quite became independent). Little did we know that he is actually quite capable, but just chooses not to do it (& why should he when there's a sucker waiting on you hand & foot)! :) The last 2 weeks or so I finally made him start doing it and sure enough he could for a little while & then he'd give up, but today he gave himself away. I was changing his diaper and I have a bottle on the changing table for him to hold/play with while I get him cleaned up to keep his hands busy & out of the "messes". Well, he must have been hungry because all of a sudden he just brought it right to his mouth and started sucking (it was empty)-then he dropped it & picked it up again!!! long have I been catering to him?! Now I had always hoped that I would be a mother who tries not to do "too much" for her children so that they can become independent & reach all of those wonderful milestones, but this little episode today has me wondering "what else can he do that I don't realize?" I think that I might need to reevaluate the things he's not doing, but may be able to do. Is he too young to start changing his own diapers & doing his own laundry!?! :)

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