Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lazy Days Are Here Again!

If my house could talk, this is what it might be saying...

Floors- "Don't worry about cleaning us-dirt helps keep us nice and insulated, especially during all of this wonderful humidity."

Dishes- "We don't mind the dirt, since the view is so much better out here on the countertop. Plus, it's a little cramped stuck inside the cabinets."

Laundry- "Forget about cleaning us for now-the stench gives us personality-same goes for the wrinkles we get from not being folded when we are clean!"

Toys- "Please just let us be. It's so much more fun to be out here free on the open range of the living room floor. As for the other suckers still stuck in the basket...don't worry...they'll be free soon enough too."

Books- "We're just dying to be opened and read, please join us. Don't worry about all of those other things...they're just fine!"

I'd hate to disappoint everything by cleaning-NOT! I need to get motivated!!! I hope none of these items put up too much of a fight! :) Wish me luck!

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