Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy (Belated) Father's Day!!!

I realize this comes a day late, but Scott & I got back later than expected from our anniversary trip, so today was kind of his Father's Day. We didn't really do anything too exciting to celebrate it (he did some gardening), but after being away from Luke for over 48 hours (Yikes, I know, but we made it) it was just nice to be home and hang out as a family. This holiday & Mother's Day have just been so much more extra special for us this year with Luke being around, especially considering that this is our actual "first" in every shape & form since I've never been pregnant & since we didn't even know about him yet at this point last year. It just makes us feel so blessed this year! Luke has changed our lives in so many ways & it is still so amazing & hard to believe at times that he is ours to love & raise. Even with all of the joy of this year's holidays, the anxiety/pain we were feeling at this time a year ago is still never far from my mind & it breaks my heart to know that there are still people out there waiting for their "dream" of having children or who want to add to their families (but have little to no control over it-like ourselves down the road) to come true will have a very hard time on these holidays especially. So to all of the "lucky" ones (myself included this year), I say don't forget what a gift you have been given in the form of your children & make sure to give them lots of hugs & kisses on this very special day. I wish all of the father's, soon-to-be fathers, & most especially the "waiting" fathers (& mothers) who have no idea yet when they will be blessed with a child of their own-a very, very special holiday & if you know anyone in that last category just make sure that you give them "space" or a hug-whatever they need! Happy Father's Day everyone!

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