Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Want It All & I Want It Now!

There is a TV commercial (for a credit card, I think?) that I hear alot right now with this song playing. It always makes me smile. First of all, because the wife tells her husband to get whatever TV he wants (which makes me think of Scott always joking about getting a "BIG" TV someday & me saying no because I think it's kind of a waste), but mostly because it makes me think of Luke. Those words are just about perfect when it comes to describing him. Whenever hunger sets in, there is no waiting-he definitely lacks patience! He wants it NOW! (Why do I always have to waste time making a bottle-shouldn't I just have them all made up and ready to go?! There should be no waiting for him to chew, just keep shoveling it in, who cares about him possibly gagging/choking!) These words also pop into my head whenever I'm holding/carrying him, especially if I have anything at all in my hands. (Don't I realize yet that everything is his! Who cares if it's glass or a plastic bag that could cause injury/suffocation?) And of course whenever he is playing, I think of those words again, especially if he is trying to hold more than 2 things at a time. He is always trying to figure out how to get the third thing without losing one of the other two, but just can't ever quite manage it. As soon as he gets it, he loses one or both of whatever he was already holding & then has to start all over again! (Is it wrong to get so much enjoyment out of watching his struggles? It's just so cute!) I don't think it is so long as he isn't getting too frustrated, which he usually isn't. It's just fun to watch him trying to problem solve! (I'll enjoy it for now because I know in the not so distant future it may not be so "fun" when he's trying to get into things he shouldn't! Yikes!!!)

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