Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rodeo Star

I'm beginning to feel like I've chosen the wrong profession! Sometimes, I really think that I've missed my calling as a rodeo star-you know, one of those calf roping people. Changing Luke's diapers always makes me think this. Between trying to keep his hands out of his "boy area" (especially when he's poopy) & trying to keep a hold of his feet (because kicking them up & down is so much fun-again especially when he's poopy) & then trying to apply diaper rash cream (which can be just as much fun as poop especially when he's trying to kick-are you catching on to a theme here?), it can be TOUGH! So I got to thinking today as him & I were reenacting the above scene several times this morning, that maybe I should be a calf roping rodeo star because I'm obviously getting lots of practice with my technique (& before it is suggested-yes I do try to distract him during the whole process with a toy or bottle, but he just keeps getting smarter-who needs TWO hands when you can hold an object with only ONE). The only real difference is that they get to use a rope & I just have my two hands (so I might actually be more advanced than the rodeo stars!) YEAH ME!

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