Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Like It, I Love It!

I LOVE Tim McGraw's CD "Live Like You Were Dying". I realize it is a couple of years old now, but it is still one of those albums that I can listen to again & again & still find something new in each song. It is one of those CD's that is constantly in my player (Scott can vouch for that-I'm a little OCD when it comes to listening to the same CD over&over&over again-he's always like "Can we pleeease listen to something else?") :) Anyway, I just thought I'd talk about my favorite songs on the album & why I like them so well today. Enjoy & if you get a chance, listen to it for yourself!

"How Bad Do You Want It" -A song with a great beat about putting yourself out there to get what you want in life, plus it's a great one to sing along out loud with (good thing Luke doesn't seem to mind my singing yet!)
"My Old Friend" -A song about friendship & the memories we make with them & how we each go down our paths, yet time moves on & sometimes it is years before we see them/remember our times with each other-in the case of this song the friend had died & the song is the singer's way remembering his friend even though time had distanced them-it always touches me how Tim sings this song
"Can't Tell Me Nothing" -What can I say, except that it definitely reminds me of some of my students at school &/or teenagers
"Live Like You Were Dying" -Obviously a super hit & spectacular song for Tim, but I especially like the lines 'And I loved deeper and I spoke sweeter, And I gave forgiveness I'd been denying' shouldn't everyone be living by this motto-not waiting until we're dying to do it
"Drugs or Jesus" -Definitely one of my favorites on this album 'Everybody just wants to get high, Sit and watch a perfect world go by' what a fabulous line-some people use Jesus & some people try to use drugs to get this-clever, clever, clever! It makes me think, which I always like!
"Back When" -Catchy tune-fun to sing, plus I think the play on words in the chorus is superb
"Everybody Hates Me" -I LOVE this song because it is so true! It's all about the guy who got the promotion & how everyone talks about him behind his back & loves cutting him down, but when he gets demoted he's their buddy again. 'Everybody wants to be the big dog, Want to wag that big dog tail, But till they are, They want to see the big dog fail'...'Everybody smiles to your face and hide their jealousy, That's the way it goes and I can't wait till...Everybody hates me' I think this is probably the case in many, many workplaces!
"Blank Sheet of Paper" -Written from the paper's point of view about a guy trying to write a letter of apology & not being able to write anything-very clever!
"Do You Want Fries With That" -What a spectacular down on your luck song-having to work at at Drive-up window & having to serve the guy who stole your life-I'd probably hope he would choke on a pickle too! Classic country! :)

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