Monday, December 22, 2008

The 12 Days of Christmas Break*

On the 12 days of Christmas break, I have lots of things to do:

12 days of holiday fun
11 hours a day to play with Luke
10 days remain of 2008**
9 season of Friends I could watch
8 magazines to finish reading
7 people to make Christmas brunch for
6 parties with family & friends
5 cookies to bake
4 nieces & nephews to spoil
3 weekends to enjoy
2 books to read
And 1 great big house to tidy!

*Disclaimer: I technically have 16 days of Christmas break, but obviously that does not work as well with the song. Also, you can try to sing it if you like, but I'm not sure that the melody completely works with what I have written~I can sing it for you though if you really need to hear it, however, no one wants to hear that! :)
**This was the only thing I could think of for this # so make it work-don't actually do the counting! ;)

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