Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow days

I love snow days only for the joy of knowing that I will not have to get up & rush around in the morning to get to work. I also enjoy not having to drive to work in bad conditions. Otherwise, I could probably do without them most of the time. I always have high ambitions for these unexpected days off-a list of things a mile long in my head that I could get done if I just had a day off to do them. The problem is that with a 'snow day' I can't plan ahead for it-it just happens & therefore it becomes a little "mini-vacation" day where I get nothing done, except for reading, relaxing & playing with Luke! Now that doesn't sound so bad, but it's the messy house, piles of laundry, & dirty dishes that ARE bad as a result of all of this.
I have to admit though-I am guilty of this same type of activity on the weekends too. I have found over the years that after teaching all week long I usually need some sort of "wind down" time at the end of the week. It usually happens on either Friday nights or Saturday mornings-we as a family just take these times to lounge & relax-not much gets done besides that, but it sure does help us to get motivated for the rest of our weekend & I've noticed that the weekends we don't get this "wind down" time are much more stressful for us. I am hoping that maybe my weekend will be a bit more productive right off the bat this weekend (between the couple of family Christmas parties we are going to), since I have now gotten my "wind down" day out of the way here in the middle of the week! Keep your fingers crossed!!! :)

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