Tuesday, December 23, 2008

From the mouths of babes...

We (Scott & I) got to babysit my niece & nephew this morning while their parents went to a doctor visit (reg. checkup for #3 who is on the way). We enjoyed it & Luke liked having a couple of other people besides Mom & Dad to play with him. I found it quite educational as my niece & nephew shared different things with us over the course of the morning.
Here are some things that I learned:

1st episode
Niece: "Where did my mommy & daddy go?"
Nephew: "Mommy & Daddy are at the office getting their backs worked on." (Interesting-that's not what they had told me...hmmm)

2nd episode
Scott was telling the nephew about how when he (Scott) was 3, the nephew's dad was 1.
Nephew: "NO! My dad is 45!"
Scott: laughing "I'm sure your dad would LOVE to hear that." (He's only 30.)

3rd episode
Nephew: "Nea (that's my name) your a girl just like my mommy." (whew, I'm glad he figured that one out for me!) :-)

Final episode
Niece: "Oh no Nea! Your chin is broken!" (she was referring to my chin cleft)
Me: "No, that's just a dimple like you have in your cheeks when you smile."
Niece: "Oh, a dimple..." lays head down & a couple minutes later...repeat the same conversation...then repeat it all again!

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pjseiler said...

Oh my gosh - crack me up!!!! I linked to this post from my blog since it's just too funny. :) You never know what they'll say next.