Monday, December 29, 2008

A Day in the Life...

Today was a good day. I had nowhere to go, nowhere I had to be & really nothing that HAD to be done. Does this mean that I accomplished nothing today? I actually got to do all that I wanted to do, which was good.

Here's the abbreviated version:

I got to go on my 30 min walk/run outside-it was a beautiful day, sunshine with a slight wind. The temperature was just perfect for running-just cold enough to make me want to keep moving, but just warm enough that I didn't have to worry about losing my fingers to frostbite! :)

I got to clean out one of the rooms in my house that I have been wanting to get cleaned up-the mudroom area. I have hated walking into this room everyday for the last several months because it has been such a mess & very cluttered. I feel so much better now that it is done.

I played with Luke/watched him play. Sometimes, I love to just sit on the couch & watch him do his thing. I find it fascinating & am constantly wondering what he is thinking as he wanders around the room piddling with his toys.

I put Christmas presents away. I didn't quite get them all put away, but mostly all of them. It is good to see the tree not looking so cluttered anymore.

I got to sit & read a book~what more can I say~that is a VERY good thing!

With more of the same type of activities on the agenda (& Luke going to visit the neighbors/babysitter) for a few hours tomorrow, I am hoping that there will be another good day in my future! :)

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