Tuesday, December 9, 2008


What a great time of year for bad news! Early last week, Scott was told that he was no longer employed. The company he worked for is a supplier of electronic parts for cars & with the demise of the car industry they were looking for people to cut. Merry Christmas to us! It's not all bad though, we have been very blessed overall & are both "savers" so we'll pull through this as we have all of the other hardships we have faced up to this point, but couldn't they have picked a better time of year to hand out crappy news to people. Geez!
I think the hardest part for both of us will just be getting use to the nonroutine of it all. I hate not having the same routine each morning, I miss dropping Luke off at the babysitter's (& I know they miss him too!), I hate not making the turn on my way home to pick him up & our little chats about what he did that day, but I especially miss that little bit of time that I had all to myself (well...Luke is with me so I'm not 'all by myself') each day when I get home before Scott would get home just to unwind & be with my thoughts (& Luke). Now don't get me wrong, it has been kind of nice having a 'house husband' around the last week or so, but even Scott will tell you that I am a person who cherishes her alone time alot! I'm not complaining though because I know that the most important thing is to find Scott a job & to stay positive for our family's sake because hopefully this is just a small glitch in what will become our family's history, but I'm just sayin' that if you see me out in the yard all by myself turning around in circles-it's just me trying to get my alone time! =)

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Jamie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Scott's job. :( What is his degree in? I know I should know this but I've forgotten. Christmas is definitely a crappy time for this type of news! I hope Scott finds a job soon and you get some alone time. I definitely understand how important that can be too!