Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Dreams of Youth!

Last week I was having a conversation with one of my 1st grade reading groups. We were getting to ready to read a book about dinosaurs that talked about how we learn things about them by studying their fossils. I mentioned to them that a person who studies dinosaurs is called a paleontologist & that when I was about their age (3rd grade to be exact) I wanted to be a paleontologist. I was obsessed with dinosaurs & dreamed of digging in the dirt hunting for fossils. I also mentioned that by 4th grade I had already changed my mind again & was set on being an astronomer, then at some point (junior high) I wanted to be a doctor & eventually (college) I decided to become a teacher. One of the girls looked at me very seriously & said "Well I know what I want to be, I want to be a doctor." I started to say something encouraging like "It's great to have dreams/goals" or "Good for you!", but before I could even finish my sentence she said...

& a Rock Star!

Aaaahhh to be young again! :) I told her that I couldn't wait to see her in concert & would be proud to tell everyone that she was the only 'Doctor Rockstar' I knew!

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