Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What the...?

That's what I asked myself at dinner tonight.

First of all, let me catch you up on a few things about Luke's eating habits. He doesn't really do meat unless of course it is chicken nuggets or some other form of chicken. Hamburger makes him gag (he forgets to chew), sausage-well refer back to the hamburger, & turkey-occasionally but only in lunch meat form. Oh, I almost forgot, fish sticks might make it down too. So...that leaves for some healthy choices chicken nuggets or fish sticks. Needless to say, he probably doesn't meet his protein quotient for the day most days.
Next, comes vegetables-he just doesn't do vegetables at all, except for the occasional bit of spagetti or pizza sauce.
Fruit, well we like it, but we have all of a sudden stopped eating several of the things that we use to love (ex: peaches, pears, & most recently grapes, but they are fun to squish!)
Bread & Dairy-not really a problem & I do try to make them the 'healthier' forms (yogurt instead of ice cream, whole wheat bread instead of white, etc.)
Sooo...many of our meals include lots of fruit with some bread & dairy...not too shabby I say.

That brings us to tonight's supper. I fed him his supper while ours was cooking & he didn't really eat to well. I blamed it on him being tired, since he hadn't really napped much today at the neighbor's house. Scott & I sat down to eat when our supper was ready & wouldn't you know it-the little beggar came running (like usual). He likes to eat off of our plates & we usually let him because he'll eat it this way, but not if we try to him the exact same food in his high chair. Many times, though, he acts like he wants it, but then won't even open his mouth to try the food when we do attempt to feed him off our plates. Tonight's supper was ravioli with a side salad-Scott was in the middle of eating his salad when Luke came up to him so Scott picked up a piece of lettuce, held it out to Luke & he ATE IT!!! I about fell off of my chair to say the least-this kid never eats vegetables, the least of which is LETTUCE!

Sorry folks, this story doesn't end there, it wasn't some kind of fluke thing because Luke kept grunting for more-I bet he ate 6-7 bites of lettuce & then he proceeded to eat 2-3 whole pieces of ravioli too. Don't worry I'm not getting my hopes up that this will continue, but holy cow, lettuce-I just can't believe it! :)


Jamie said...

Lettuce has a strange texture so it is odd that he would choose that to enjoy, but hey, whatever works.

We've been blessed so far that Bo is an amazing eater. I'm just hoping he doesn't end up with weight issues cause he eats, and eats, and eats...

Anita said...

Bo will be fine~maybe he's in the middle of a growth spurt~I think they tend to do that.

At one point Luke was a great eater, but he just keeps getting pickier & pickier...not sure what that's all about.