Saturday, December 13, 2008

Are We Done Yet?

I think the answer is


What is she talking about now you might be asking yourself?

Christmas Shopping, that's what! I've got to admit that I am quite pleased with myself this Christmas seaso
n. I got probably about 80% (interesting fact about me-I like to make up statistics about stuff!) of my holiday shopping done back in November when I went shopping with my mom, sisters, aunts, & cousins from mom's family on our annual Christmas shopping trip. It was great! I haven't felt the stress this season that I normally feel about trying to get the right gifts for people then not being able to find things, which results in last minute shopping a couple of days before Christmas & settling for mediocre gifts-I HATE that! This year is different though-it's all done (minus the couple bags of candy I forgot to get today to fill a few candy tins for coworkers) & there are still lots of days until Christmas! I can't wait to fill them up, NOT with worrying about what to get/where to get it/having time to get it/etc/etc/etc, but with singing & dancing to Christmas carols, baking, wrapping gifts, & most importantly maybe even actually being able to RELAX a little bit (yea!) Merry Christmas to me!!!

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