Friday, December 19, 2008

A Stress Free Holiday...

is what I am aiming for this year & so far, so good!

*Christmas shopping (done-thank goodness!)
*Presents wrapped (not quite, but they will all be done by the time we need each of them)
*Christmas cards mailed (nope, but I'm not worrying about it this year! They will get to people when they get to people~in fact, Christmas technically last 12 days beginning Dec 25 & ending Jan 6th so people shouldn't be surpised if their cards show up sometime during that timeframe :)
*Baking done (not yet & to be honest, this may be the only thing this year sort of stressing me out only because I know I have to wait closer to the actual "party days" to make them-I had previously decided not to make any candy this year, so that has helped out a bunch too)
*House cleaned (well now that school is out for a couple of weeks, that will be one of the first things I work on!)
*Christmas spirit in place (check! Bring on the holiday activities~I'm ready for all of them!)

I hope this post finds you enjoying a stress free (or at least a lesser stressed) holiday season!

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