Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things...

I did this on Facebook for some of the people I know in RL (real life) & I thought I'd share it all with you too~enjoy! :)

1. I love to read & will read almost anything put in front of me.
2. I love listening to music & will listen to any kind.
3. I once helped to host a "Polka Party" for one of my aunt's birthday parties~yours truly provided the tunes :)
4. I like making people laugh, but am not always sure that they get my humor.
5. I also tend to smile/laugh in awkward moments (like funeral lines) & I feel guilty about it, but don't know how to stop it.
6. I like beer! (the drink & the song!) ;)
7. I love teaching kids & hope that I am making a difference in a few of their lives.
8. I have a very sarcastic/dry humor.
9. I cannot remember ever being able to smell anything, except on 3 or 4 rare occasions in my entire life.
10. I like knowing that I have taken a GOOD picture of someone or something :)
11. I wrote in a journal through some of high school & most of college & loved the 'release' it gave me for some of my thoughts.
12. I love watching TV, especially soap operas (although I don't really watch them much at all anymore) & old sitcoms.
13. I do not get up at night with my son, Luke. Scott does this, mostly, because he hears him before I do~he is a VERY good man!
14. I have been known to sleep through my alarm clock, loud thunderstorms & even the smoke alarm once! Yikes!
15. I love watching a good sappy movie & forcing Scott to watch it with me!
16. I have a new found love of running, especially in colder temps, but I haven't done it much lately with the weather & extreme cold temperatures :(
17. I have a weird fear of having tick stuck to me & never knowing it's there~I think because I'm not really sure what happens if you never find it.
18. I have problems with the times "quarter til" & "quarter after"~I get them switched around in my head when I am trying to remember when someone told me to be someplace at one of these times. I do much better with :15 or :45.
19. I used to always be very early to places, but now tend to run 10-15 mins late~I blame my friend Lora :) her ways rubbed off on me when we were college roommates!
20. I am known as the "instigator" in my close circle of friends~I am constantly encouraging them to do crazy things when we get together.
21. I used to take a roll of dimes with me to a local bar outside of town when I was in college for their "30 cent draft" nights every Thursday. :)
22. I really like even numbers, especially 4's & 8's.
23. I would love to have 4-6 kids someday.
24. I spell peoples' names in my head when I meet them & if they end up spelling it differently than I would, it bothers me until I am used to it. A little weird...I know :)
25. I also associate certain spellings with specific people so when I see that spelling I automatically think of that person.

Hope you enjoyed this version of "getting to know Anita"! ;)


Lora said...

I have no idea what you mean about being late all the time! I always show up 10 mintues early, don't I? : ) I also enjoyed the Ashmore comment. Good times.

kelspot said...

I have such a fear of ticks, as well! When I was younger, I was so convinced I had one, I begged my dad to "burn" it out of my arm! boy did I feel silly when i remembered that the mark was from me ripping a circular band-aid off of my skin!!