Saturday, January 10, 2009

Winds of Change...

I thought that was a clever title, since it is only supposed to get windier & colder as the day goes on here-hooray for winter NOT! :)

Anyway, today I just thought that I'd talk about the blog a little bit, since I have recently changed/added a few things & will hopefully be doing a little bit more over the next few months.

For those of you who have been reading for awhile now, the most obvious change is my template. I have been known to switch it up every once in awhile, but this one was a big step for me because I actually went out on the internet & found this template AND got it switched around ALL BY MYSELF (I know I'm getting just a bit more techno savvy everyday, yay!) :) I like the new template alot, it kind of reminds me of myself, a little old-fashioned (like me), the colors are super(pink-well I am a girl & brown-have you seen the title of the blog!) & it had 3 columns, which was something I really wanted so that I could get the blog arranged more how I wanted it to be.

I also changed the "About Me" section a little bit & am hoping that it conveys my personality just a little bit better than it did before. The picture that you see floating around to represent me may just seem like an ordinary picture of a rose, but in fact it was not just any rose, it was my first ever Mother's Day rose, which if you have been reading any length of time at all-you know that (along with Father's Day) was a VERY major milestone in the Faith, Hope & Poop? household last year!

I've also added a couple of items so that I can see where my readers are coming from (this is only for my own vanity :) I love seeing all of the different places pop up in the Traffic Feed & knowing that maybe my little world actually interests someone else & even possibly that by sharing my stories I might help someone else too.

Which brings me to the "My Stories" & "Story Topics" sections, the first is just the archives of everything I have written & the second is just the major things I write about (me, Luke & Scott, work, etc.) or the things that are currently most important to me.

Most of that stuff is pretty consistent with what I've always had on here, but the newest & probably most major change that I have made is adding advertisements to the blog. Along with that you will seem some other boxes of things that I have joined or am doing as a way of increasing my readership, showing my interests & supporting other bloggers at the same time. I love blogging & am so glad to have discovered it. I love being able to channel some of my creative energy into what I hope people enjoy reading & I would love to try to use it as a tool to help us bring even more love into our household. My plan is to use any money earned from this little blog to fund future adoptions & Luke's (along with future children's) college funds, so if you see an ad that interests you-I hope that you will check it out & know that it is being used for something worthwhile not just to "buy more stuff" :) Even if I make no money off of this venture, I take pride in knowing that I am doing something that I enjoy & I am helping to document my little family's history as well.

Thanks for reading & I'd love to have you join me by "Follow (ing) My Adventures" or Subscribing to our blog!
Enjoy & don't be surpised to see more changes down the road (because you know that I never can make up my mind)! ;)

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Jamie said...

It all looks very nice. :)